Extracts from Real Decreto 463/2020, decreto de alarma 14. Marzo 2020

(free translation)

  • The state of alert is for all Spanish territory.
  • The state of alert is for 15 days and is in force since the 14. March 2020, 0.00 a.m.
  • The free movements are restricted. It is allowed to leave the house only for the following purposes:
    • to buy food or drinks, pharmaceutical products or others which are necessary for life
    • to go to work
    • to return home
    • to help elderly people, minors, handicapped, etc.
    • to go to the bank or insurance
    • other similar purposes
    • to the servicestations (gsoline, etc.)
  • Schools, Kindergardens, universities remain closed.
  • Shops remain closed except:
    • Supermarkets, shops for beverages or other necessary products, chemists, Doctors, Optics and sanitary items, hair dressers, press, service stations, tobacco shops, shops with articles for telecommunication, shops selling pet food, internet or similar., laundries.
  • It is only allowed to go to supermarkets in case of necessity. No groups are allowed there and you cannot consume the food where you bought it. Minimum distance.
  • Museums, archives, libraries, monuments and rooms for festivities and Sports (pools and tennis, etc.) and bars and restaurants remain closed. Home delivery is allowed. Public festivities are suspended.
  • Churches remain closed, religious acts are only allowed if the minimum distance of 1 meter for all participants is guaranteed.