Bando Municipal del alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Vélez-Málaga due to the drought

As a consequence of the exceptional drought situation we are suffering, with the reservoir of La Viñuela at less than 10% of capacity and after the reduction in supply that we have been suffering for a few days, it is necessary to adopt measures of awareness and savings to reduce the volume of water used. The Town Hall of Velez-Malaga has issued an edict to reduce the demand of the urban water supply by at least 20% in order to guarantee the supply of water to the population during the summer.

The use of potable water is PROHIBITED in the following cases:

  • Irrigation of gardens, parks or green areas, both public and private.
  • Watering of golf courses.
  • Washing of streets, pavements, façades or any other surface, both public and private.
  • Filling or refilling private swimming pools.
  • Washing cars outside authorised establishments.
  • Ornamental fountains that do not have a closed water circuit, showers and public fountains.
  • Any other non-essential use.

Likewise, all citizens as well as those responsible for public and private facilities are asked to make a responsible, supportive and efficient use of drinking water, checking for possible leaks and applying other measures to avoid unnecessary water consumption, such as turning off the main water supply tap in homes and facilities at times or during periods when they are not occupied (schools, municipal buildings, businesses, private residences, etc.).



The Spanish Real Decreto 286/2022 of 19 April eliminates the obligation to wear a mask in general, leaving a large part of the criteria to be followed to individual responsibility.

With this new regulation, everyone can go to any space for any type of activity without being obliged to wear a mask, with the only exceptions contained in the Decree (socio-sanitary spaces, public transport, etc.). This same criterion is applicable to the different spaces in each building, given that the common areas of homeowners’ associations are not one of the exceptions. Therefore, the use of face masks in the common areas of buildings is no longer compulsory.

However, care should always be taken to act as prudently as possible, bearing in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Therefore, the Consejo General de Colegios Administradores de Fincas recommends that it is advisable to continue wearing a mask in cases of continuous contact in which it is not possible to maintain the safety distance (1.5 m). It is also advisable for people who, due to illness or any other cause, are particularly vulnerable, to continue wearing the mask.

Suspension of the obligation to convene general meetings until 31 December 2021

The Government has approved a Royal Decree-Law that takes into account the proposals made by the registered Property Administrators.


  • The obligation to convene meetings of homeowners’ communities is suspended and charges and budgets are extended until 31 December.
  • The meetings of homeowners’ associations that need to be convened can be held telematically and agreements can even be reached without a meeting by means of written consultations.


No Owners’ Meetings with more than 6 attendants

At least it is now clear how property owners’ meetings should be classified in relation to the Covid rules. On 15 March, the Andalusian Regional Government responded to a letter from the Association of Professional Chambers of Property Administrators for Andalusia, stating unequivocally that “the presence of groups of people in public spaces (both enclosed and open air), as well as in private spaces, is conditional on not exceeding the maximum number of six people”. Until now, the professional associations were of the opinion that owners’ meetings are included in the regulations for the holding of professional events, but in this respect it was clearly written that ” owners’ meetings cannot be included in the aforementioned article, whose high attendance rate would generate a very high rate of face-to-face contacts between non-cohabitants”.

For this reason, the Professional Chamber of Property Administrators for Malaga and Melilla recommends that property administrators do not hold any property owners’ meetings that exceed this limit.


Level 4 grade 2!

Perimeter closure of the municipality

Curfew: 22:00 -> 06:00

Meetings: Limit 4 persons

Commerce: Closed except essential

Restoration: Home delivery services only.

Preventive measures COVID 19 – Junta de Andalucía:
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