Access Data

This area is reserved for the customers of the Administraciones MAGA SANCHEZ who are owners of an object managed by this administration.

How do I get in?

Click on “Clients-Area” → “Login”.
In the window that pops up, enter your user name & password, read and accept the conditions and then click “Login”.
Now click on “Clients-Area” → “My Block” or “My Urbanisation” → Your Community.


  1. The login details are confidential and may not be passed on to other persons. If abuse is suspected, you must inform the administration.
  2. Before entering the clients area you have to read and accept the terms of use of the site.
  3. Every year we will sent a new password together with the minutes wich replace all previous ones within a month.

Request access data

To request the access data for the customer area you can fill in the following form and send it off. (Of course you can also contact us directly or visit our office.)