Owners’ meetings and COVID19

The Association of Professional Chambers of Property Administrators for Andalusia has recommended that all property owners’ meetings should be suspended. They should only be convened for absolutely important matters that cannot be postponed. And then only under the following safety precautions:

  • Up to a maximum of 75% occupancy of the room used for this purpose.
  • Minimum distance of 1.5 metres between those present.
  • Mandatory use of a face mask.
  • Limitation of the duration to the minimum possible time.

Is that too much? Experience tells us no. Under the present conditions, it is almost impossible to hold a meaningful owners’ meeting. The first problem is the premises. Above a certain number of people it is very difficult to find a suitable room. In addition to this, there is the tiresome wearing of the mask. The people around you may still be understandable, but at a greater distance, which is automatically given because of the minimum distance, you will not understand each other properly. And above all of course the danger of infection. The risk is great, as the experiences of the last weeks have shown. All new hotspots have formed during meetings or gatherings of various kinds. Therefore, we as the administration would like to follow this recommendation of the association and thus protect not only our own health, but especially the health of our owners.

What happens if no owners’ meetings are held? Everything just stays the same. The elected members of the management board and the administration remain in their positions until it is safe to hold a meeting again. In the same way, the budget and the charges from the previous year will simply continue. All decisions will be implemented as far as possible with the conditions imposed by the pandemic. In this way, the Community will be able to cope with this difficult time without any problems.