The state of alert goes on

We are still under restictions and state of alert, as agreed by the Government until Mid May 2020, or even further after that. And even after having finished the state of alert, private and public live will not go on as before. Some restrictions will still be in force in order to protect the citizens and all communities of owners will be affected by them. Although we still do not know what the future brings, we think we have to be prepared that in the next months we will have to do without several things we dearly love to do and live our lives with much care and common sense. In this context we have to express our thanks to our customers. The vast majority has cooperated and helped us considerably to do our daily work.

This year has already required much and there will even be more challenges ahead for us. Please be careful and respect the rules given by the authorities. And please take into account that many works could not be achieved by now due to the restrictions. As soon as the situation allows it we will work on all pending projects in accordance with the legal requirements – from the legal actions and the agreed works to the holding of meetings and reopening of pools and gardens. The National Administrators chamber has sent a letter to the Government asking for clarification of the most important matters. We are still waiting for their answer.

If you have questions regards certain procedures or problems, please contact us. We will try to answer as far as we have knowledge.

Take care and be careful.