We have been receiving more information about the general problem of “illegal occupation” of housing by strangers in our area. This issue has been observed with concern for years.

There are individuals who occupy houses or premises when they are not inhabited or used. Then there is a great difficulty in evicting these people. In order to help and avoid possible risks, the following are general guidelines for the protection of your homes:

  • security door and lock
  • live in the dwelling regularly
  • have a person who is in charge of and enters the dwelling regularly
  • have good relations with neighbours so that they can warn in the event of any incident
  • “anti-squatters” video surveillance


  • act as quickly as possible
  • notify the police within 24 hours to ask them to intervene.
  • seek help from specialised companies to remove squats
  • last Remedy: Eviction Trial

Please note that if you have squatters, only the owner can ask the police to intervene or start an eviction trial. The police do not usually accept requests from people who do not own the property. One thing is certain: BETTER TO PREVENT THAN TO HAVE TO PLEITE. In the worst case you will have to hire a competent lawyer.