We want to inform you that our office is closed to the public according the “decreto de alarma” which is in force since Saturday night 0.00 a.m. As we are not ill we go on working. But we only attend to our customers by telephone or mobile lines, whatsapp, email or our website.

Please take into account that all our customers will try to call. Please be patient. We recommend to contact us in a written way in order not to block our telephone lines.

Apart from that we can inform you that all services will be active. All workers (cleaning, garden work, etc.) have the strict order to apply all prevention measures. We kindly ask all our customers to respect the minimum distance of 1 meter in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

All meeting scheduled for March and April are cancelled. As soon as the situation has improved, you will receive the new agenda.

As a general information we attach an extract of the “decreto de alarma”. It is not the complete text, just some articles we considered interesting for our customers. You will find the complete text on the internet. We also attach a not from the Administrators’ chamber with a certain rules for our every day lives. Please take them seriously, we need the support of all of you.

We hope very much that the times with these restrictions are soon over and we can start with our normal routine again.